Come with us and meet the natural wealth of the North Sporades. Enjoy the dreamy day cruises that bring you close to the playful dolphins waiting for you to photograph them.

Alonissos and the marine park

An exciting trip you should not miss. You will get to know Patitiri, the port of Alonissos, with a great variety of shops and restaurants. You will also visit “Palia Alonissos” or “Palia hora”, the old village, which is located above Patitiri, on the top of the hill. It is worth walking through the narrow streets of the village among the stone houses where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the sea and the neighbouring little islands. First we stop at the most beautiful beaches for a swim and lunch. Then we visit the blue cave and next we reach the marine park and the island “Kyra Panagia”. The tranquility of the place and the peaceful crystal clear waters where the protected Mediterranean seal lives will enchant you. You can stay on the boat and enjoy a dive or explore the uninhabited island on foot. Our tour guide will inform you about the history of the island as well as the history of the neighbouring islands. In the evening we get back to Skopelos. We can assure that you will have enjoyed one of the most exiting trips.


A trip to the cosmopolitan island of Skiathos, with its endless sandy beaches and the house of Papadiamantis, one of the most famous Greek writes. We sail along the coast and stop at the famous golden beach “Koukounaries” for a swim. Next, we sail for the city of Skiathos. We suggest you visit the numerous shops in the city as well as the house of the well known writer Alexandros Papadiamantis, who was born and raised on the island. In the evening, after we have visited the little island “Tsoungria”, we get back to Skopelos.

Cruise on a sailboat

For those of you who seek adventure come with us on the sailboat to enjoy a unique day cruise to Alonissos or any other place you wish to visit upon request.

Private boat trips and fishing

You can enjoy private boat trips. The captain will guide you to the most beautiful coasts, which are ideal for party bookings for fishing, swimming, snorkeling or just enjoying the scenery. Don’t miss the night squid fishing. We provide you with fishing lines for an unforgettable experience.